January [Jams]

So far, January has been filled with all of the promise of progression that a new year brings. I’m starting to make some plans, turn some hopes into actions, and already I am learning so much. 

For my traveling endeavors, I believe I have finally stopped acting like a pussy, and started to look forward to the total experience, not just the journey. I know that Toronto is definitely in the works as my first Canada trip (set for spring), and when I finally re-earn my leave at work, Europe is next. I may have to face going alone, which isn’t ideal, but I know it will be worth it. Sarah, my school mate and friend, has also expressed some interest in traveling abroad this year. She has some experience in traveling, after spending some time in the Peace Corp and being adventurous, and I know she would make an excellent travel buddy. As a journalist for the Dundalk Eagle, I know she could appreciate many of the cultural and visual experiences we are bound to have. Check her out at http://sarabydesign.wordpress.com/  – She’s worth listening to!

This weekend was a casual but exciting weekend. I had the pleasure of attending the Illmatic Art Show in DC. My dear friend, (and best friend’s fiance), Thomas Canavan, and many others displayed artwork inspired by rapper Nas, and his album, Illmatic. Many of the styles were different, and I liked them all for different reasons. Thomas’s was wonderful, and while I couldn’t photograph it well enough to show, I did capture many others. 

School Started for me this weekend as well, and I couldn’t be happier to be back in my element. I cannot believe I have become one of these triflin people I couldn’t stand before because they are involved in something beyond their 9 to 5 that they LOVE. I love my program so far. The anxiety and stress it brings is worth everything that I’m learning and it keeps me motivated to keep going and get to a career I am happy and successful in. Our instructors seem passionate, as do the students. It was great to see all of my friends from class, and even to get our first assignment. 

We will model our first project as a 2 page spread in time magazine based upon an interview. We can model our project to look as though it would appear in one of 4 magazines, and I chose to get back to my news-writing roots by choosing Time Magazine.  Lucky Mr. Canavan, of Illmatic Art Show fame, will be my subject. I am really happy about this assignemnt for 2 reasons- 1] I get to WRITE again and 2] I love print layout. 

For now, we are in the brainstorming phase, but I’m happy to jump in. We have our recommended readings and resources. Say hello to my new best friends…

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