Market Fresh Designs [ and using my own photos]

Market Fresh= Me. Not me in the sense that I’m like, “oh look what a bomb ass designer I am” but in that for me, everything I learn is creative and new and excites me. I created the above graphic out of a photo I took of my own groceries. Those are some brown eggs, rosemary, tarragon, bananas, jalapenos, and strawberries- just a few of my favorite goodies.I changed it up with a filter in Photoshop, then I reduced the opacity to 85% and added the white text with a Copperlate font. When I begin to freelance, a variation of this graphic will be used with my marketing materials. I love taking pictures. When I feel like I can’t use them for anything, they always present themselves in a way where I can. This was a good example of that for me. 

My first class of the semester starts Saturday, and secretly, I couldn’t be more excited! While I hate running around, stress, deadlines, and all the other things that come with school, I LOVE the outcome. I’m getting pumped up again to be in the creative presence of so many others. What makes it great is that they are all new in the program, too, and so that camaraderie is very much felt. 

With every project, I felt that design was something I should be doing with my life. I surprise myself all the time with what I can learn, even though it is something simple. If you know me at all, you know that I’m extremely impatient, sometimes hasty, with some things, and I over think others. This feels very right. 

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