Decoratin’ and Stuff- Slowly but surely….

Part of this weekend was spend drinking Limoncello and other booze, but after we recovered, we painted!

My office is becoming my favorite little space of heaven because it is totally experimental and based solely upon what I want. I chose to use colors I normally wouldn’t. I’m having a love affair with Turquoise,and I plan to use it along with splashes of red in order to break up the color a bit. I get nervous just saying the word red, even though it seems to be frequently used with blue in design. My Pier 1 Peacock curtains have red in the center of the feathers, so I feel it is justified. Damn it.

I am debating on whether or  not to get a red colored rug, one that is perhaps textured, to add some fun to the room. It may be a bit much so I may settle upon a red chair (pictured below). The rest of the room is white and quite subdued. I want a shocking room, not one that makes people vomit.I need just some finishing touches, like wall art, to make it just right.

In the living room, we used another Benjamin Moore color called Maple Leaf. I really loved this color! We have a theme of earth tones going through the room so I am looking forward to decorating the rest because there are SO many options.  I think we have settled on a pair of curtains from Pier 1 that fit the color group nicely. We have white, gauzy curtains up for the moment, but those will go to our bedroom when we get the new curtains (below. 

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