My fav [ thus far]

My favorite assignment this semester was to create a three page travel magazine spread on Tokyo, New York, or Paris. Since I seem to have the least interest in Paris, I chose to work with it in the hopes I could spark my interest in the city of lights.

Doing this project made me really put Magazine Layout at the top of  my interests in terms of career choices. I found it to be somewhat of a creative puzzle. You need to create this image, make it fit with the words visually and artistically, and that creation needs to hold the attention of a specific audience. Our instructor, Megan Rhee, told us that there is ALWAYS a targeted audience that a designer has in mind. No publication is just geared toward everyone.My target audience was a young traveler between the ages of 25 and 35 who were interested in viewing the given city through a different lens. The magazine, Playground, would feature offbeat paths to places that are normally tourist traps. I wanted it to feature places, people and things beyond what tourists normally explore in the city, encouraging people to see it in a different light.

Hence, Playground was born. Playground Magazine would look at the city of Paris at night, when it becomes sensual, seductive, mysterious, but not in a tawdry way. It’s nightlife reemerging, it should show tourists the best places to experience that nightlife and enjoy experiences that actual Parisians may enjoy.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the layout, and I received a great grade. Ahhh, the cherry on top 🙂

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