The Introduction- Actually, I really do have time.

My first semester of grad school is wrapping up, and I truly enjoyed the stress, the creativity, the new people, and the professors. I thrived off of the challenges, and I can’t wait to delve deeper into the world of design. There is so much to tackle that I cant stand it!

Our professors have told us quite a few times that people in our field blog. They blog to track their own inspirations, thoughts, sources, to inspire others, and to remain relevant in their space. They warned me- get comfortable blogging.

I’m making myself comfortable. I’m limiting my Facebook interaction and putting more effort into the social media I find more worthwhile. I’m sure I will learn more this way! I’m inviting all of you to come and get comfortable while I discover the things, people, and places that I love and the journey I am embarking on with design.

My favorite response when being presented with something irritating, challenging, or undesirable is “I don’t have time.” Well, what would I do if I actually had the time? Turns out I do. I’ve been lying. I have the time so long as its worth it.

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